Asset Distribution: Simple Wills, Wills with Trusts, and More

When it comes to creating a Will, The Law Offices of Mark L. Hoffman partners with clients to advise them on Wills and asset distribution. Contact us.

A Will is the building block of a solid estate plan. Mark Hoffman takes time to explain the differences between the many types of Wills so clients can make the most informed decision.

A Will is a legal declaration as to how your assets will be distributed and who will be responsible for making it happen. It minimizes legal fees and costs. It allows you to state who will become your legal guardian and the legal guardian of your children. However, most people do not realize that a Will only applies to a limited class of assets. A Will is not effective until your death, must be unaltered, must be perfectly signed and witnessed and must go through the probate process. Wills drafted off the Internet may result in unintended consequences.

A Trust can be written in a Will, although it may result in continuing Probate Court involvement. A Living Trust, however, usually avoids probate.

Learning about how Wills work and drafting a Will is a must for individuals and families. If you have a Will but it’s been many years since you’ve revisited it, you may need to update it to ensure that you are fully protected. Contact us.